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Royalty Interest

Inherited mineral rights?

Own an overriding royalty interest?

Receiving offer letters to sell or lease your interest?

Don’t know how much interest you own?

Don’t know how much your interest is worth?

Whatever your situation may be, let us help you maximize your royalty interest. Our team of seasoned landmen are specialized in confirming mineral ownership, valuing mineral rights, and locating the highest paying buyers. If you are not ready to sell, we provide “no-liability” personal loans on producing mineral and royalty interests. If you own a mineral or royalty interest in the Rocky Mountain states, we can help you get the cash you need from your interest.

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Looking to pull cash our of your mineral or royalty interest

Why sell your interest?

  • Get cash now instead of waiting decades for drilling
  • Avoid the hassle of managing your interest
  • Create a nestegg for retirement
  • Use the money to start a business, pay off debts, or help kids

Why receive a loan on your interest?

  • Get cash without selling your interest
  • Turn depleting royalties into a large cash sum
  • You may get better tax treatment than selling
  • Use the money to start a business, pay off debts, or help kids

How We Got Started

We are a family company that has owned mineral rights in all the Rocky Mountain states for three generations. Over the years, we have learned the ins and outs of buying, owning, and selling mineral and royalty interests. We know when to sell and when to hold our mineral rights. When we do decide to sell, we know who is willing to pay the most for mineral interests in the area. We are always happy to share what we have learned about owning mineral rights and provide our candid thoughts on the best options available to our clients.

Why Max Royalty
Is Different

We know how to help our clients because we are mineral owners ourselves. When our clients contact us about their interest, we can quickly determine the general value of the interest, the potential timing for drilling, and what options are available to maximize our client’s interest. Most importantly, we aren’t the buyers of your mineral interest. We represent you, the mineral owner! If you decide to sell, our interest is aligned with yours: to get the highest price possible for your mineral or royalty interest.

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